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Coedo Spree

Coedo Spree

Hey guys,

I am so stoked to share my latest collab with Coedo USA. When I first got their package I was expecting one kind of beer, which is the norm when I get a PR package. When I opened it, it was a plethora of different beers and I just kind of sat back like... well damn this is amazing! So I spent the beginning of this week trying out a few of these bad boys while pairing them with some new things I picked up on a binge shopping episode I had last week!

So.... Japan isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think of craft beer. This is because the CB scene has grown immensely only over the past 23 years. Things changed after the government adjusted the regulations on beer production in 1994. After that, microbreweries started popping up all over, giving Japanese drinkers way more options than they ever had. Sopporo is one of the more popular beers that originates from Japan but now Coedo is stealing some of their thunder! 

Okay so fast forward from 1994 to my doorstop about a week ago. I got this package and unboxed 5 different kinds of beers. Here's the delicious list:

  • Kyara IPL
  • Ruri Pilsner
  • Shiro Hefeweizen
  • Shikkoku Black Lager
  • Beniaka Imperial Sweet Potato Amber (yes you read right...trying this one next, keep ya posted)

So far I've tried out the Kyara IPL and the Shiro Hefeweizen. Both were delicious. The Kyara was refreshing and was the perfect way to end my Sunday. It was well-rounded, citrusy and crisp. The Shiro I drank at 1 PM and it powered me through my Monday. It was light (obviously because it was a wheat beer) but some wheat beers get me SO full. I don't know why that's just me. This one was smooth, not too fruity, and airy. I am excited to try the rest of them throughout the week. Especially the sweet potato one! Also learned a fun fact.. because of it's use of sweet potato as a secondary ingredient , Japanese laws classify the Beniaka as a happashu (malt beverage) rather than a beer. 

If you got this far in the post...congratulations! Please do read on :)

Back to that shopping episode. I found the denim dress (above) at Target. I don't really shop at Target much but was looking for a cheap tank to put under a shirt I didn't realize was see through as I was walking around the mall. Anyway, I found this dress and was shocked because it was only $27! It is definitely going to be my go-to dress this season. Since it was SUCH a clutch purchase I had to pair it with a CLUTCH beer, the Kyara IPL.

Next up, my high waisted jeans from UNIQLO (also originating from Japan)! I've never really felt comfortable in high waisted jeans, they emphasize certain PARTS and it's weird but I happened to be really into the look of this outfit... so I shared it with you all. Accompanied them with a light button down blouse I got from Express and the smooth Shiro Hefeweizen. I was in full blown relaxation mode and this beer took my chill to a whole other level.  

Congrats you got through the post, hope you enjoyed xo

One With Nature

One With Nature